Microprocessor electric welder 3,5 kW
Codice 50-020-1 Categoria

Microprocessor electric welder 3,5 kW

Microprocessor electric welder 3,5 kW

The new version of electric welder Art. 50-020-1 have been studied for an use with purpose the quality of the welding.

It’s possible to create complexes programs of welding, perform a test after every welding and weld with constant current during variability tension of feed.

With the electronic card to microprocessor 16-bit it can be memorized up to 20 programs that are recalled to the line “Program n.” where “n.” is a number from 0 to 20.

  • Time of power is adjustable from mean period to 500 periods.
  • Protection against the thyristors failure of SCRs;
  • Thermal protection on cooling system;
  • Auto set for 50/60 Hz of supply line frequency;
  • Pedal switch or twin push button switch;
  • Italian or English menù;
  • Possibility to syncronize more welders for don’t have contemporary weldings;
  • Acoustic notice and visualized message for possible alarms;
  • Water cooling circuit on electrodes;
  • Solder of Ag. Chains with tungsten electrodes.
Microprocessor electric welder 3,5 kW
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