About us

Founded by Mr. Roberto Rossetto in 1985, Due Erre S.r.l. has gained over time a considerable experience in the automation sector, both mechanical and electronic, specializing in the production of machinery for the goldsmith, silverware and fashion jewellery industry in general.

Over time it have been developed many versions of our equipment, adapting and modifying them to fulfil the widest range of dimensions and sizes of the product to be processed.

Furthermore, specific machines have been developed for other areas of application, always maintaining the reliability and precision that characterizes its production.
Several machines have been patented by us, such as the chain cutter with optical fiber for cutting point control (50-038-2) or semi-automatic sanding machine for printed products (50-010-2).

Since its foundation, we have been constantly looking for solutions to improve the quality and productivity of our processes for our customers, constantly updating us from technical point .Our machines, more versatile and advanced, are now also available in “Industry 4.0 ready” version.

The company’s flexibility, the design and production autonomy, allows us to create prototypes or small batches of machines designed and modelled according to the specific needs of our customer, often starting only from the machining to be automated or from the finished product.

Today the company has two additional partners who support Mr. Rossetto, his daughter Cristina and his son Paolo, who have been working in the company for several years, and who, together with other internal and external collaborators, continue the future of Due Erre S.r.l.

The company’s motto is “Create what others don’t do” by focusing on innovative, solid, reliable and long-lasting machinery.