Automatic chain-cutter with 120Kg cutter shears
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Automatic chain-cutter with 120Kg cutter shears

SKU: 50-038-2

Precision chaincutter for chains of the following types: singapore, curb, venetian, rope ,foxtail ,twisted foxtail, ecc. The new version of this machine offers better performance compared with the previous series, with the addition of several mechanical devices and with a new electronic instrument for controlling the machine sequences.
The present machine has the following devices:

  • Operator interface with Touch Screen.
  • Cutter shear 120 Kg .
  • Horizontal chain gatherer by means of pneumatic gripper with adjustment of closing pressure.
  • Sensor for chain Knots and end of chain.
  • Display of alarm and warning messages.
  • Protectors and safety device for gathering chips.
  • Turning off of optical sensor after 5 minutes of idleness.
  • Constant measuring with any compliant chain.
  • Chain cut with wire up to approx. 1-1,2 mm diameter.

Technical data:

  • Voltage : 230 V single-phase
  • Power : 220 W
  • Weight :125 Kg
  • Air : 6 Bar
  • Dimensions : 1000x450x1800 mm
  • Measure to : 80-800 mm standard
  • Measure : < 80 mm without optic sensor


  • Measure of : 200 mm – 1200 pz/hour
  • Measure of : 400 mm – 990 pz/ hour
  • Measure of : 500 mm – 900 pz/ hour
Automatic chain-cutter with 120Kg cutter shears
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