Chain testing machine
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SKU 50-019-1 Category

Chain testing machine

SKU: 50-019-1

Machine to test the chain by applying a constant pull over the entire length of the chain that comes from a reel and is rewound in reel.
If the chain is badly welded or not welded, the machine stops as soon as the chain breaks and the operator is called up by an acoustic signal.
Start, Stop, Manual/Automatic Commands
Chain speed adjustment, separator, reel.
Digital adjustment of pulling.

Technical data:

  • Tension : 230 V
  • Power : 300W
  • Weight : 84Kg
  • Dimensions : 1450x650xH=1270 mm
  • Adjustment of pulling : from 0.1 to 2 Kg
  • Max speed : 30mt/min
  • Reel : Din125 Din160
  • Suitable for chain : medium-smaal
Chain testing machine
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