Precision winding machine
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Precision winding machine

SKU: 50-016-14

The machine rewinds wire coming from standard reels onto reels for chain-producing machines.
This sophisticated version is designed to perfectly wind wire diameters ranging from 0,1 to 1 mm and small-size flat wire (e.g. 0,1÷0,3 mm)
This machines using a pull control roll to prevent deformation.
All wire-separating correction devices have been eliminated and have been replaced by an automatic self-learning reel inside-width system.
Automatic machine stop can be programmed on this winding machine by setting the length of wire to be wound onto the reel; furthermore, the pitch of the wire can be determined by means of an electronic control.
The machine keeps wire speed constant, even with different reel diameters.
In the event of excessive pull on the wire, or else at reel end, an instant emergency braking ( 0,1 sec.) system cuts in.
In order to ensure total safety for the operator, the precision winding machine is equipped with integral protection to standards.

Precision winding machine
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