Precision winder for flat/round wire
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Precision winder for flat/round wire

SKU: 50-016-27

Precision electronic winder with programmmable pitch equipped with self-learning system for reel width therefore not requiring manual adjustments.
The machine can be connected directly to a continuous wire-annealing furnace or else used as a self-contained transfer winder.
The separator moves in synchrony with reel rotation, carryng out constant shifting previously set on the operator panel.
The separator maintains the synchronism even when the reel is manually turned.
The operator panel enables the programming of other parameters including maximum reel speed. The pulling torque of the main motor is adjusted from 0 to 100% by the potentiometer inserted in the control panel.
This torque is adjusted to obtain a close reel and to recover the difference in speed with other machines. Excessive pull on the wire causes a variation in its diameter.
There are solutions with several overlapping coil winders or integral machines with 4 separate winders.
The mechanism of the wire separator is moved by a recirculating ball bearing.
Standard 125×125 reels or smaller sizes can be used.

Tecnical Specifications :

  • Voltage : 220V.
  • Power : 0.5 KW
  • Air : 6 Bar max
  • Max speed : 3000 r.p.m.
  • Min max step : 0,01- 2,00 mm
  • Overall dimensions : 420x530x450 h mm
Precision winder for flat/round wire
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